Terms and Conditions

General conditions on the use of the service

These General (Legal) Terms and Conditions are the rules of use applicable to the use of this Website and the services offered by Zinkintech.com and purchased or accessed through this site by Subscribers (Subscriber). When the terms “we”, “us”, “our” appear, they refer to Zinkintech.com. When reference is made to "you", "your", "your", "user", "client", it refers to any person or company that accepts these terms and conditions.

Zinkintech.com in its sole and absolute discretion, may modify these Legal Terms and any of its incorporated policies, at any time and without prior notice, being effective immediately upon publication on this website.

The use of the services offered by Zinkintech.com presupposes the acceptance of these general terms and conditions.


1 – Contents.

The services contracted with Zinkintech.com must be used exclusively for lawful purposes, any content that is sent or published through the Zinkintech.com services must be consistent with these terms and conditions and with local, national regulations and/or laws and relevant international

While using the services contracted with Zinkintech.com, the Subscriber may not under any circumstances:

  • Disseminate or transmit illegal, abusive, defamatory, racist, offensive information, or any other type of information subject to objection, whether through photographs, texts, advertising banners or links to external pages;

Also included at this point is any other information that Zinkintech.com deems inappropriate at its sole and absolute discretion. Any improper use of the services will authorize Zinkintech.com to the suspension or elimination of the contracted services and their contents without prior notice, Zinkintech.com not being responsible for any loss that this implies.

Action on the complaints received will be subject to the evaluation and exclusive criteria of Zinkintech.com


2 – Denial or cancellation of service

Zinkintech.com reserves the right to deny or cancel the services contracted by the Subscriber with or without prior notification if the Subscriber engages in any conduct or activity that Zinkintech.com consider abuse or violation of any of the terms, rules and conditions set forth herein and not taking responsibility for the consequences that may result for this reason.

This situation also contemplates cases in which there is an improper use of the Zinkintech.com registered trademark or any of the other trademarks that are its domain.

Due to improper actions of use, authorized personnel of Zinkintech.com may suspend or cancel services that incur in actions that may interfere with the functions of the service or the security of information, affecting both Zinkintech.com in particular and other subscribers. usually.

Each case of suspension and cancellation of services will be evaluated individually, according to the criteria of Zinkintech.com

Additionally, Zinkintech.com reserves the right to deny, cancel, terminate, suspend, block or modify any access or service, to correct errors; protect your own safety and that of other Subscribers; try to prevent and detect possible fraud; comply with local, national or international standards or regulations; resolve disputes and other situations involving this type of action by us.


3 – Confidentiality

In order to access the services and other functions of the Zinkintech.com site, the Subscriber must create a customer account. The Subscriber agrees that the account information created is accurate, current and complete.

Zinkintech.com will maintain the confidentiality and security of the information provided by the subscriber, including that related to the payment of services, as described in Law 25,326 on the Protection of Personal Data.

Subscriber is solely responsible for account activity, whether or not authorized by Subscriber. The Subscriber is responsible for keeping the account information safe, including but not limited to: customer number, email address and login password. Zinkintech.com recommends that the Subscriber periodically change their password.

Zinkintech.com undertakes not to send advertising unless expressly accepted by the Subscriber. Notification of price changes or characteristics of the services offered or internal notifications between the Subscriber and Zinkintech.com are excluded.

Zinkintech.com will not share with third parties the information that the Subscriber enters in his client account, databases, hosting services and others, except for those cases in which it is required by judicial bodies or other authorities or entities before whom he has Zinkintech.com obligation to respond according to local, national or international regulations, Zinkintech.com not being responsible for the effects of this information.

Zinkintech.com will not use the email lists or any other information stored in databases by the Subscriber, for any purpose outside the intentions of the Service, nor to send commercial emails or of any kind.


4 – Regarding the purchase of services at Zinkintech.com

There is no contract of any nature between Zinkintech.com and the Subscriber. Once the service has been requested and the purchase order data confirmation e-mail has been sent, the Subscriber will have 30 days to make the corresponding payment.

In the case of paying with a Credit Card, DineroMail, PayPal, Pagomiscuentas and Automatic Debit, the Subscriber must comply with the identity accreditation of the payment issuer, by the means indicated by Zinkintech.com. Said accreditation consists of sending documentation that allows Zinkintech.com to know the conformity of the owner of the funds sent.

Additionally, in the case of paying by credit card, the user is asked to send the plastic scan of the card used, only the last 4 digits of the card number being able to be displayed.

In case the identity accreditation is not sent or is rejected, Zinkintech.com reserves the right NOT to activate the service.

The entry of payment data does not guarantee that the payment transaction has been verified.

Once your payment is verified, you will be informed by email at your contact email. In the event that your payment cannot be verified by our Administrative Department, this payment report will be deleted, a notice will be sent by email and you must report it again, attaching a scan of your payment receipt.

Zinkintech.com reserves the right to introduce changes in the characteristics and prices of the plans and/or services offered. Any notification that affects the technical characteristics of the services offered will take place directly through our web pages on the Internet.


5 – Service availability and data loss

On the part of Zinkintech.com, all technical efforts within reach will be made to try to make the services available 24×365. The Subscriber accepts that the services may not be available continuously and uninterruptedly, for any reason and that Zinkintech.com assumes no responsibility to you or to third parties in this regard.

Zinkintech.com is not responsible for the loss of data on the server caused by users, system failures, updates on our servers or any other cause. It is the responsibility of the Subscriber to maintain a backup copy of the contents stored in the virtual spaces provided as part of the provision of the services of Zinkintech.com

Thus, it is also the Subscriber's responsibility to keep the emails from the webmail system under protection.


6 – Programs and scripts

In the case of hosting accounts that have execution permissions, the Subscriber can install and execute the scripts that he deems appropriate. However, Zinkintech.com reserves the right to deactivate any script or software installed by the Subscriber that affects the normal functioning of the servers and harms other clients who host sites on them.

In the case of E-learning platforms, they cannot be installed on our Shared Servers due to the consumption of hardware resources that they generate and the special permissions that they require.

Any software or application that is installed by the user on Zinkintech.com servers, both shared and dedicated servers, must have the corresponding use license that guarantees the rights of the user. In the event of a license verification request from the entity that owns the installed software, the service will be suspended until the user presents the corresponding permits for said installation, leaving Zinkintech.com released from any responsibility for the use of programs or scripts by the Subscriber without the corresponding enabling licenses.


It is valid to clarify that in shared server plans, both Windows and Linux, it is not possible to modify the php.ini file as well as PHP variables and functions that are disabled for security reasons. They are between them:

  • – system
  • – shell, exec
  • – system_exec
  • – shell_exec
  • – mysql_pconnect
  • – passthru
  • – popen
  • – proc_open
  • – proc_close
  • – proc_nice
  • – proc_terminate
  • – proc_get_status
  • – escapeshellarg
  • – escapeshellcmd
  • – eval

7 – File distribution

Websites whose purpose is file distribution (eg photo galleries, MP3, downloadable software libraries, etc.) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

A site will be considered within this category when more than 5% of the disk space used within the service is allocated to files for distribution.