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Multi-Branch Retail ERP Software

Automate process flows in Purchasing, Sales, Price Updates for your DISTRIBUTOR, WHOLESALER, FRANCHISE, and BRANCHES to achieve IMPROVEMENTS OF UP TO 30% in your revenues, as well as enhancing customer experience.

First step, identify the problems

Main problems of SMEs

Las PyMES tienen incumplimientos en sus entregas que representan un enorme porcentaje de sus ingresos mensuales debido a no contar con un Software ERP para Minoristas.

Causes of breaches

Los incumplimientos de las empresas suelen representar un enorme porcentaje de sus ingresos.
Utilizar nuestro Software ERP para Minoristas es la respuesta.

You must know your stocks, their location, and their rotation. It is vital for your business to obtain information, by reliable means and obtained in real-time, of the largest capital investment, your stock. Maintaining the operation only through sensations is not correct.

Traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is complex and requires a large investment. If you are a growing company and don't have the necessary resources to implement a traditional ERP, our cloud-based solution will be the best option for you.

This is very inconvenient as while it gives you a lot of freedom in how you do things, it also means that your business will not be efficient. There will be as many criteria at the time of the execution of the tasks as collaborators have.

    • Order processing inefficiency
    • Collaborators act at their judgment

The versatility of paper is truly incredible, it is the simplest, cheapest, and most versatile tool that exists, although the misuse or excess of it produces problems with phenomenal characteristics. This problem has a full impact on the efficiency of the entire company, affecting the chain of command, information in general, controls, and last but not least, the customer.

Your company must strive so that customers are satisfied with your service or product. A dissatisfied customer directly affects the image of your brand. Your best marketing is a truly satisfied customer.

You are the greatest expert in your business, continuing with these practices puts your capital at risk, takes away the possibility of reaction since you act in a cyclical way or out of habit, leaving aside business indicators, having losses in your bargaining power at the time to buy

Dentro del desorden producido por la operación, y dado que la misma no considera procesos estables y estándares, se producen roturas de existencias las cuales no se lograrán medir. Como resultados obtendrás perdidas directas sobre tu capital por no estar utilizando un Software ERP para Minoristas adecuado.

You can't maintain or even relieve your inventory for various reasons. Picking and purchasing are carried out thanks to expert collaborators. No one within your organization can guarantee the position and quantity of the items.

Orders are dispatched with unfulfilled products, you do not manage to complete 100% of the items or their required quantity. Worse still is when the products are lost in your warehouse because they do not have a specific location.

You know that the product is in stock but you can't locate it, so a simple task becomes a big burden for your picking team. Recharge your operation by requiring additional hours to complete daily tasks.

You're only getting feedback from contributors after you've applied suggested enhancements, and you're unable to provide feedback on them. All the measures applied to improvements are diluted in setbacks and equipment wear.

Little by little you become the heart of the business, everything happens and depends on you. Approval of tasks, simple queries, and serious and simple problems require your approval to move forward. This makes you slow, and in addition to having an immense workload, it takes away the prominence of your collaborators, and it takes away their job security and self-esteem.

The high complexity of many systems is absolutely overwhelming, with a learning curve that requires months. In addition, they may be tied to a static solution with no changes or the possibility of applying improvements. This type of software is often old, and not adapted to current business situations.

What benefits will you get by solving them?

Measurable, simple and proven processes

Applying continuous improvements to your processes will provide great predictability in many aspects, such as times, costs, expected breakages, estimates, and a reduction in the learning curve due to its simplicity. Your collaborators know exactly what results are obtained with their tasks.

Stability and scalability

Stability is what will allow you to think in the long term, set measurable goals, know your money flow, and consumption, analyze finances, and much more. While scalability will reveal the possibility of growth of the company.

Improve response times to your customers and loyalty

Knowing your inventory with locations will give you multiple substantial improvements. You will be able to solve complex tasks in a simple way, assist your collaborators, and know the estimated picking time of order, volume, and weight, among other data.

Long term vision

Planning the future of your business in one, five, or ten years will no longer be an impossible dream or difficult to achieve.

Entire business visibility

One of the biggest results is the possibility to see the map of your complete business.

Reduction of your operating hours

The possibility of reducing your operating window, reducing costs, and avoiding excessive overtime gives great results.

With which do you identify?

Why don´t solve it yet?

A business process created, and developed for companies like yours.

Zink ERP helps you do much more and in less time

Intuitive flow

Learning curve of just days

Better shopping planning

Increased delivery compliance


special modules

We are working on the inclusion of new modules for each specific need.













99 Monthly
  • Usuario Ilimitados
  • Up to 5 Contacts
  • Hasta USD 5000 en ventas mensuales
  • Facturación Electrónica
  • Personalized assistance


USD 19
99 Monthly
  • Hasta 10 Contactos
  • Hasta USD 15000 en ventas mensuales
  • Sin sucursales
  • Facturación Electrónica
  • Personalized assistance
  • Annual payment: 20% discount


  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Sales
  • Assisted Migration
  • Branches
  • Facturación Electrónica
  • Personalized assistance
  • Annual payment: 20% discount

*Prices in Argentina are at card dollar value (official exchange rate + taxes).

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